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My name is Jacob and I’m a freelance filmmaker based in Perth who offers a unique approach to capturing your wedding day! By combining raw audio and cinematic footage, I strive to put together a film that encapsulates the personalities of the individuals being celebrated.

Every wedding that I have documented to date has been a fantastic experience. As cheesy as it may sound, each time it has been so enjoyable to witness two people coming together.

Being in my shoes, all those little touches become more apparent and they are something that I always do my best to capture! I aim to have as little interference as possible, which actually helps with my bid to film the natural moments that make wedding videos memorable.

As for the packages I offer, there are three video options, in addition to a complete film and photography package, which I am able to offer with the help of my talented friend, Nick White.

To find out more about each of those packages, you can simply visit my website.

I am always to happy to discuss any other details that you would like clarity on. Thanks for considering me to be your videographer. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Jacob Steenson Films
Jacob Steenson Films



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