Toby Z. will stun your guests with his intricate style and friendly personality he carries during his magic. As a Magician, he will do close-up magic by mingling with your guests like a performance around a bunch of people, or will interact and perform on the table or can do stand up magic.

He is an expert in his OMG-magic performance such as:

  • Card magic
  • Coin magic
  • Rubik’s cube magic
  • Rubber band magic
  • Mind reading

All of these magic types are incredible and will leave your guests captivated. There is no point in doing magic by not interacting with the audience. Perth Magician Toby Z. is a win-win if you want to enjoy a happy hour and at the same time want to hear about your great party even after years!

About Perth Magician – Toby Z.

Magic can seduce you anywhere. It happened to Toby in Japan when he was just 13 and on holiday with his family. He fell under the spell of a Japanese master who had the village roaring with disbelief. Toby was hooked and started learning magic. After few years, Toby realised that just practicing and studying magic himself was not enough to be able to perform in front of people with confidence. It would have been good enough to impress some of his friends, but not strangers of the general public. So after graduating high school, Toby decided to hone his magic skills with the most famous magician in China at that time; JianZhong Ding. Today, after many years of practice, hard work and dedication, Toby hit the corporate scene, performing his astonishing close-up magic to some of the big names in business such as the Australian Cricket team, NAB and CROWN Perth resort.

Toby Z. Magic is the magician in Perth who has more than 10 years of experience in handling hundreds of guests by engaging them in his magic. He is renowned for his magic with a deck of cards as well as incorporating amazing effects with coins, mobile phone magic, Rubik’s cube magic and mind reading into his shows. 

Perth Magician - Toby Z
Perth Magician - Toby Z



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