Marion Le Crayon, Caricature Artist

Bring humour to your special day and have your very own wedding caricature artist draw your loved ones! 

With over a decade of experience, Marion Le Crayon can sketch hilarious caricatures in 5 min. Who hasn’t secretly wanted to know what they would look like in a cartoon version? Who knows what features will pop out? 

In addition to keeping your guests entertained all evening, a caricature is a special souvenir they will take home and cherish for years to come. 

Book Marion for 3 hours and she will come with a free black and white caricature of you and your partner drawn beforehand. This can be used as a display to personalize your caricature corner on the day, or as a signing board, or even to illustrate your thank you cards… The only limit is your imagination!

You can also create some even more personalized gifts for your guests by pre-printing your own logo / personalized message at the bottom of the page she will draw on. 

The best moment for Marion Le Crayon to come and draw your guests is usually during the quieter period of your wedding, before dinner. It is the perfect ice breaker too and works well at the beginning of parties. 

Who is Marion Le Crayon? And is it her real name?

Behind the big smile and lilting French accent is a powerhouse of artistic talent. Let Marion Le Crayon transport you into a world of fun, frivolity and fantastic caricatures. 

Marion Le Crayon started her journey back in France, where she grew an obsession for drawing from a young age, first with stick figures! She got inspired by the caricature artists of the nearest touristy town, and successfully financed her Art study after doing her first summer season as a caricature artist in french twilight markets. Studying 2D animation helped her perfect her caricature drawing skills, and after a few jobs in animation studios, she decided that caricature drawing was what she wanted to do. 

She now passionately draws from her studio at home near Fremantle, where she lives with her husband and 2 sons. She loves to get out of the studio to come to you, and add a frenchy, arty touch to your event!

…Although Marion was gifted by a passion for Art, Le Crayon is not her real name! It is however much easier to remember than her actual real long, complicated name of dutch origin!

Marion Le Crayon
Marion Le Crayon


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