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Your story is important, you want to have it captured in a way that brings back happy memories of that day. With over 14 continuous years as a wedding photographer you can be assured of images that will resonate with you.

Working full-time as a photographer, I cherish the privilege being at a couples wedding day and the responsibilities that entails.

About Paul Winzar

I’m a married father of two, having an artist’s background, it brings a unique perspective to my photography. Over the years, I’ve seamlessly blended my artistic talents with photography, exhibiting my work in numerous showcases within the Perth art scene. My paintings have adorned the walls of some of Perth’s most prestigious homes, now, my focus has shifted to Perth weddings and portrait photography.

Photography has been a passion of mine since I first purchased a manual film SLR camera in 1991. The challenges of mastering its functions only deepened my love for the art of photography. However, it was the birth of my daughter that truly ignited my passion for portrait photography. I found myself constantly capturing her every expression and milestone.

Today, my commitment is simple: to provide quality photography that captures the essence of life’s most meaningful moments. Through my lens, I aim to create lasting memories that you and your loved ones will cherish for many years.

Paul Winzar Photography
Paul Winzar Photography


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