My names Naz! I became a portrait photographer simply because I enjoy putting a sweet smile on everyone’s face. In the beginning, it was all about creating art through still images. It took me a while to gather the confidence to shoot portraits. In other words, it used to freak me out! However, When it comes to creating art, it’s like something comes over me. The passion takes over, and the drive to capturing a beautiful scene with an Amazing couple simply excites me.

Adventurous at heart

I’ve had the opportunity to meet such awesome people and also having had the privilege to document their wedding day. Photography has taken me on a fantastic self-journey. Similarly,  to some amazing places, documenting weddings around the West Coast of Australia to Singapore and covering destinations in between. So, portraits sessions or wedding outside of Perth are never out of the question. To sum up, I’m adventurous at heart, and the possibility to shoot in a new setting get’s my creative juices going crazy.

When the big day arrives

I’m all about having a good time. The key for me is, making sure that we can all gel well together so we can have fun on the day because in short, it’s a collaboration. For example, we’ve already met and discussed how much fun we will have on your wedding day. Everyone’s in their freshest gear, and we’re all just ready to kick back and have a good time with your closest friends and family, even me! I’ll just make sure I’ll have my camera ready to capture all of those moments. Just Let loose, I’ll have your day covered beginning to end. After that, I’ll prepare to bust out some old break-dancing moves on the dance floor… only if you insist!

Manis Moments
Manis Moments


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