“Capturing each moment is an adventure, just like life itself. When you begin to feel the bond between yourself and the people you photograph, when you laugh and cry with them… then you know the moment is held until someone sees it. Then it’s theirs.”
Nigel Sparg, Photographer.

Perth photographers Nigel and Nina Sparg are the team behind A Moment in Focus Photography. Although they are based in Perth, Western Australia, their work has taken them to far-flung and exotic places, allowing them to indulge in their other great love: travel.

This husband-and-wife team is passionate about capturing unforgettable moments through professional photography. They believe that special relationships create the magical moments that make beautiful photographs.

Not surprisingly, their favourite themes are people and significant life events. Whether taking newborn baby photos, snapping dignitaries at an important event, shooting informal family portraits or capturing lavish destination wedding photos, this talented duo is in its element.

If there are people involved, they will be there to shoot the occasion for you. They believe in meticulous attention to detail and combine skill with talent to make each image come to life as a work of art. Their portfolio ranges in style from classic to modern – simply stunning moments in focus.

Always honing their craft, the Sparg’s also provide commercial photography. This includes product photography, venue and real estate shoots, fashion editorials and corporate profiles. These images find application in such diverse material as business reports, promotional material, magazines and model portfolios.

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Please contact Nigel via our website or email address for a quote or to see our packages. Contact us and let’s discuss your special wedding day.

A Moment in Focus - Photography
A Moment in Focus - Photography
A Moment in Focus - Photography

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