Nestled in the heart of Kalamunda, Our Flower Studio emerges as a hub of creativity and passion in the Perth Hills. With Nikara Brown at the helm, a new era of inspiration and artistry has begun. A local to the Perth Hills and an experienced florist with over a decade of experience, the boutique florist has entered an exciting new era.

Nikki infuses Our Flower Studio with a fresh wave of enthusiasm and artistry. Her deep connection with nature, beauty, and art has infused a new vitality into the world of floristry. Whether you need expert guidance to select the perfect bouquet or someone who can bring your vision to life with the wedding flowers of your dreams, Nikki’s talent for understanding and catering to her clients’ needs is unparalleled.

Nikki’s journey in floristry is a testament to her dedication and love for the craft. As a resident of the Perth Hills, her connection with the community is profound. She’s not just a florist; she’s an artist who sees each arrangement as a piece of art. Her journey, spanning over a decade, has seen her develop a distinctive style and approach that resonates deeply with her clients.

Supported by a close-knit circle of family, friends, and the local community, Nikki’s warm welcome makes every customer feel like part of an extended family.

Our Flower Studio
Our Flower Studio


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