‘Beauty of the highest kind. Found in every corner of your face. The centre of your being. The very meaning of grace. You are the beginning; The middle; The end. You are me, my best friend, I belong to you with my very core.. you are all I want. Nothing less; Nothing more. You complete me. You make me whole. You are my mind. My body. My soul.’ By Tiffany Little

The Complete Bridal is a progressive, young and exciting bridal shop offering a full range of bridal gowns, bridesmaid and formal wear, linen and chair cover for sale and hire, wedding bombonieres, jewelleries and other wedding accessories. We are strategically located at 1451-1457 Albany Highway Cannington, the busiest commercial area in the south of the river.

We ensure high quality fabrications and offer them at the best prices to our brides and other customers. For our wedding gowns, bridesmaid/formal wear and linen we do both retail and wholesale. Please ask us in store.

The Complete Bridal
The Complete Bridal


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