Personalised Bride and Groom wear

Bullcreek & Mt Lawley​

For the Bride I have beautiful floral cotton, cotton and lace, plain satin, matte satin and cotton lace, matte satin and triangle lace, floral satin, matte satin and fine lace and the stunning white lace with full sleeve lace and lace edge robes. Prices include personalised text on the back in your choice of font and beautiful glitter vinyl and for a small charge I can put your name under the title or on the front. Plain and matte satin and cotton lace robes have kids sizes (S 2-4, M 5-7, L 8-12). Satin shirt and short sets, satin rompers with lace, PJ shorts with matching singlets/t-shirts, PJ sets, sashes, slippers, matching Bride and Groom PJ sets or t-shirts.

For the Groom I have matching trunks and socks. All can be personalised to your liking.

  • White matte satin and cotton lace with golden rose in plain satin.
  • White matte satin and fine lace.
  • White satin shirt and short set – white, navy, burgundy and pink. Sizes 8, 10 & 12.
  • Burgundy satin and lace romper – white, burgundy, navy and pink. Sizes 10, 12, 14 & 16.
  • White and navy matte satin and cotton lace – many colours. Sizes are one-size 8-14, and and plus 16-20.
  • White matte satin and triangle lace robe and purple and lavender plain satin. Many colours. Sizes are one-size and plus.
  • White and black plain satin. Flower girl sizes are S 2-4, M 5-7, L 8-12.
  • Sashes personalised in many colours.
  • Cotton and lace. Many colours to choose from. One-size, plus size and in some of the colours I have X-Plus which fits size 22-26.
  • Personalised Groom party socks and trunks.
Glitzy Bitz
Glitzy Bitz


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