Delwyn Joy Klevenow

‘Making something special… extra special’

“We met Delwyn via Skype when she was still in Ireland. We cancelled all our meetings with other celebrants after that as we felt we couldn’t find anyone we liked as much! It was the easiest decision we made about the wedding.

Delwyn customized our ceremony exactly how we wanted it. We didn’t really know what we wanted to start with but she was very thoughtful in her suggestions and consulted with us through at least 6 drafts until everything was perfect! She definitely spent way more time planning than us and we are extremely grateful.

We gave initial guidance as to what we wanted for our ceremony and many of the ideas were Delwyn’s from that point on. We were surprised that she managed to have ideas that seemed to fit so well with us that they seemed to be our own!

This was the least stressful part of planning our wedding, we always looked forward to catching up with Delwyn.

We got very good value out of Delwyn, she helped us with organizing a photographer, a piper and many other things that were not required of her and we would absolutely recommend her to anyone.“

Alex and Lisa Foster

Delwyn Joy Klevenow
Delwyn Joy Klevenow


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