Unique and Delicious Wedding Catering Service

Your wedding catering is the feast that fuels the massive party to celebrate the greatest love of your life. Eating, dancing, smiling, laughing and  happiness, what a combination!

What a better  a reason to have a great party than love. We make unpretentious, full of flavour wedding food that’s beautiful as well. And since there’s nothing worse than being hungry at a wedding, we’ll make sure there’s lots of food to soak all that alcohol.

We know weddings can be stressy and expensive. But it’s so worth it. Love and connection have been the pillars of society for years. You’ll definitely make some of the greatest memories you’ll ever have, let us help you on such special day.

We love food and we love being part of a wedding,  we’ve got your back all the way.

LGBT Wedding Catering

Congratulations to all the newly engaged fabulous Australian couples! Paellas and Tapas Traditional  Catering is looking forward to being your wedding caterer of choice! We’ll work with you to help your long awaited day to be perfect! You deserve it!

Let us help your day to be everything you ever dreamed it would be. Your friends and family will be bursting with pride for you and your loved one, and so will we.

Paellas & Tapas Traditional
Paellas & Tapas Traditional



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