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Real Wedding – Sara & Dimitar

Congratulations Sara and Dimitar

Photos courtesy of Cloud Imagery

Sara and Dimitar had the most extravagant Macedonian wedding on the 10th of January 2021. The groom prep began at Sara and Dimi’s family home with a huge family breakfast before dancing in the street (and around their backyard pool) with live musicians, the shaving of the groom by guests with the traditional cutthroat razor followed by a hatchet and garden axe was only topped by the giving of more gifts than I thought possible! Our team covered this fantastic event from both the ground and sky with our professional drone pilot capturing stunning photos/video of this poetically chaotic display of family tradition.

Our second photo video team was at the bridal preparations which were relaxed and beautiful in an elegant hotel room at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Perth with a small group of close friends and family. Enjoying some small nibbles the stunning bridal party enjoyed their quite time getting ready. That was until the best man and band arrived to deliver the brides perfect heels. The band began to play and the boys danced through the hotel corridors arriving at the brides room where payment was required to enter the brides suite. The bridesmaids eventually gave in after a sufficient dowry was paid and the boys burst into the room to finally unite bride and shoe with, you guessed it, more dowry till the shoes fit!

The stunning ceremony was held at the Macedonian Orthodox Church of St. Nikola with beautiful hand painted murals adorning the church walls and ceilings. The groom patiently awaited his bride while the congregation grew. My team was ready to go and waiting to capture this ceremony with 2 photographers, videography and our drone buzzing ready to captured the brides entrance. If that was not enough our fantastic team was also live streaming the ceremony for anyone who was unable to make it to this memorable occasion. The traditional ceremony was entrancing with hymns resonating through the beautiful church, the couple was wrapped in linen and joined for life through a traditional crowning ceremony, before being guided from the church by their priest.

We took the couple on a formal photo and video tour through Perth City stopping at the Perth Library for some architectural brilliance and the stunning arches just outside St Georges Cathedral before moving on to Elisabeth Quay to have a ride on the carousel and capturing stunning drone images of the bridal party on the Elisabeth Quay Bridge plus near the bell tower! With a stupendous white hummer to take the bridal party of 12 around the city it was a perfect way to travel together in style.

Pan Pacific hosted the fabulous reception filled with traditional music, dancing and plenty of embarrassing stories to be told! Our team got amongst the action as the same Macedonian three piece band from the Groom preparations entertained the guests while they danced joyously around the band in a traditional circle dance. With the most incredible food, music and even some fireworks the Babik wedding celebration is one to go down the in history books!