At Ambra Limoncello we have a great range of bomboniere and a perfect way to say “Thank you”, to your guests.

Your memorable day requires a unique bomboniere to present to your guests.

Ambra Limoncello is that special gift to thank them for all their support and love and this gift is one they will remember forever. Bomboniere’s are designed to be given to guests at a special celebration.

Our 100ml bottles are available in 2 flavours, Limoncello (Lemon) and Agrumello (Orange).

These make great gifts and you can choose one flavour only or mix and match to suit your colour theme.

The size of the 100ml bottles are 205mm H x 40mm D.

Limoncello is a refreshing Italian liqueur which has its origins from the Amalfi Coast, Italy. It is a sweet but superbly refreshing lemon liqueur made from the zest of lemons.

Contact us today for that special bomboniere. Check out more details about our flavours on our website.

Ambra Limoncello
Ambra Limoncello
Ambra Limoncello

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