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Perth In-Room Bucks Party – Tell All…

The Perth CBD might be small, but it sure is mighty! In fact, we’d go as far to say it’s Australia’s best kept secret. Over the past few years, the city has undergone a complete revamp to become an absolute mecca for people from all walks of life. The inner-city itself attracts hungry foodies, bar hoppers and retailer junkies, while the surrounding suburbs are quickly catching up with new businesses popping up almost every week.

With so much on offer, it’s no surprise that Perth is becoming an increasingly popular pick for soon-to-be-grooms looking to celebrate their final days of freedom. The Western Australia capital attracts people from all walks of life for bucks parties. We sat down with our friends at Wicked Bucks to hear a little more about what’s on offer in this In-Room Bucks Party, and why Perth should be at the top of the bucket list for every keen buck’s partygoer.

From glistening blue oceans and lush greenery to adrenaline-packed activities and drool-worthy food, the reasons to visit Perth are seemingly never ending. But you might be surprised to hear that one of the most popular options doesn’t involve venturing through the city or trekking for hours to reach a new destination. Instead, one of the most loved activities happens right back where it all starts – at the hotel.

An in-room bucks party package is an absolutely prime option for more reasons than we can count. With the help of Wicked Bucks, you can find the perfect place to rest your head at night. Whether it’s a budget hotel or a 5-star resort, there are venues to suit every budget, vision and style. Once you’ve locked in the Perth bucks accommodation, you can dive into planning an epic party for the entire gang.

The options here are honestly endless. We’re talking about everything from poker nights to gourmet dinners – the ball is in your court here. If you’re not already packing your bags and rounding up the lads for your ultimate in-room bucks party, the team has put together their top reasons why you should have an in-room bucks party in Perth.

Reasons to have an In-Room Bucks Party, Perth

1.    Party all night long

Your buddy’s bucks party is a rare opportunity to bring all his nearest and dearest together in one place, at the one time. Given the rarity of this occasion, we have no doubt you’ll want to hold onto every last moment you’ve got together. The problem is that heading out for a night on the town, is that the closing times of your nightclubs and bars will eventually put an end to your celebrations.

But that’s where an in-room bucks party comes in handy. The beauty of celebrating in the comfort of your own hotel is that you keep grooving for as long as you like. That means you can keep the drinks flowing and the tunes pumping until long after the sunrises the following morning.

2.    Keep the gang together

Nothing beats the experience of being able to explore a new city with your best mates on your bucks. It’s an opportunity that promises to bring a lifetime supply of memories that you’ll still be looking back on for years to come. Even if you’ve explored Perth 100 times before or you’re a local resident, there’s something a little extra special about doing that with your mates by your side. But as the night starts rolling on, sometimes it can be a little tricky to keep everyone together.

When you opt for an in-room bucks party, you can wave goodbye to the days of forking out for exxy taxi fares or trying to understand a new public transport system. Instead, you can spend all that extra time you’d usually spend in transport, enjoying an ice-cold beverage with your mates. It’s the best, cheapest and most memorable way to enjoy your time together.

3.    What happens in the room, stays in the room

It goes without saying that bucks parties are an opportunity for the lads to let loose and have a little fun together. Thanks to an in-room bucks party, you can get as wild as you like – without worrying about who might see what you’re up to. Whether it’s an adults-only show from the city’s most stunning bucks party waitresses or a rowdy poker night, you can fill your night with all the activities of your choice. If you want to take it an extra step, why not get all the boys to chuck their phones away for a screen-free night? That is why you can rest assured that whatever happens behind the closed door of your hotel, stays behind the closed door of your hotel. 

4.    Enjoy quality time together

Ask any married dude, and he’ll tell you that the lead up to a wedding is a pretty special time in life. It’s a unique period where family and friends come together to celebrate the man of the hour and share stories from his life leading up to that point. Get your gang together for an in-house buck’s party and you’ll have the opportunity to connect with every person in the group. Without the distraction of other people, it’s the best quality time you can find.

5.    Add in all your favourite activities

Wicked Bucks has put on more in-room bucks parties than we can even count. These celebrations have seen guys from all walks of life enjoy a pretty special time in life, and it also meant these professional party-planners have the best connections in town. Book your mates in for a bucks trip to Perth, and the Wicked team will hook you up with the city’s best providers for all your favourite activities. Professional poker night? Massage night? Raunchy performance? World-class food? They’ve seriously got you covered on all bases.