They Call it Ladies Night…
Listen ladies; we know you want the perfect Bachelorette party. You want champagne or wine. You want naughty conversations to reminisce over your former single self. You want to let your bridesmaids know how much you appreciate them and you want to give hope to the single’s out there… What could be better than a Shhique Lingerie party?

You’re going to need play-things and sexy lingerie to keep that Honeymoon hot! Your sex life will never go stale with the right toys, and who better to giggle and consult with than the girls you would want right next to you on the most special day of your life?

Without your saucy, single best friend from college, how are you ever going to know that the We-Vibe II is the ONLY sex toy to reach the spots that men just can’t, and give you the best orgasms of your life? Without your older sister; the one that has been married for five years, how are you going to know that a lipstick vibrator is the only thing you will need to cherish those stolen moments in the shower before you get into bed next to a snoring husband? Your “exotic” friend will certainly let you know the many uses you can find for that flavored body drop stuff you thought about buying a while back.

The girls that you consider your best friends and bridesmaids are the right people to talk about those things about, and let’s be honest; they are going to hear more than their fair share of married life sex stories for a few years to come! Why not enjoy your last night of freedom with these lovely ladies, and find out what toys are a must, which lingerie is “in” right now, and where not to put that lubricant!

Shhique Lingerie
Shhique Lingerie
Shhique Lingerie

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