Stylish Hens Party and Wedding Gifts

Red Arrow Designs specialise in stylish gifts for your hens / bucks celebration, bridal party thank you presents, and to celebrate your new status as a Bride, Groom, or member of the bridal party. Products include t-shirts, mugs, water bottles, bags, phone and table covers, cushions, stickers and more. Custom designs and messages are available. All high-quality products are printed on demand, carbon neutral, in safe working conditions and in the most responsible ways possible.

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Buck’s Cruise Perth

Don your best sailor’s hat and get ready to sail the Seven Seas, because there’s a bucks boat party in Perth calling your name. Ahoy!

With all eyes on the wedding planning and preparation, we think you and the boys deserve a little getaway to let your hair down and have some fun together. While you could just round everyone up for a few drinks at your local pub, we’ve got something a bit more special in mind. Fancy a boat party through the beautiful blue waters of Perth, anyone?

We caught up with the team at Wicked Bucks to get the low-down on this activity, and it seriously sounds like something that will tick everyone’s boxes. You’ll take to the water and experience a totally fresh perspective of the city as you cruise your way down the Swan River.

But the beauty doesn’t just stop there. Your boat will be aided and abetted by a pair of lovely Buck’s angels, who are under strict orders to keep the party vibes pumping. We’re talking about a free-flow of alcohol, seriously good tunes and an incredible view to match.

With a rum in one hand and your mates around you, it’s truly a once in a lifetime experience. Once the bucks cruise is over, you’ll be dropped back to the dock to continue the festivities in town.

Sounds epic, right? Just in case you need a little more convincing, the crew has put together their top five reasons why you should book a buck’s boob cruise in Perth today.

Five Reasons to go on a Buck’s Cruise in Perth

1.    Everyone loves a bit of adventure

Most guys spend their childhoods watching adventure movies, creating their own adventures in the backyard or aspiring to be just like their favourite Hollywood adventure stars. While this is something that usually starts at a young age, it’s something most guys don’t grow out of either.

Forget about dreaming and start doing – this is your buddy’s final days of bachelor life after all! When you hop onboard your buck’s cruise in Perth, you’ll all feel like you’ve stepped onto the set of your favourite blockbuster. It’s an opportunity to pursue the pirate life, pretend you’re living the life of Leonardo DiCaprio, or just enjoy the time spent being treated by a lovely line-up of ladies.

The ride may be exciting, but the waters are much calmer than the party vibes. You’ll easily cruise along the calm waterways, without having to tackle any rough conditions. It’s practically the best of both worlds!

2.    Perth is as pretty as a postcard

Plenty of people flock to the East Coast when they visit Australia, but there’s something pretty special about Perth. We would even go as far as to say it’s the country’s best kept secret. Western Australia is home to some of the best and most unique views in all of Australia, and Perth is no exception.

From the comfort of your boat, you’ll be treated to uninterrupted views of the Swan River, Perth city skyline and beyond. The beauty of taking in these views from the water is that you won’t have to fight any traffic or dodge buildings to get the best scenery.

If you manage to score a ride at sunset, you’re in for even more of a treat. With the sun setting over the water in this neck of the woods, you’ll have a front row seat to the best show in the house. The swirls of orange, yellow, red and pink are stunning enough to be their own artwork in a prestigious art gallery. The Wicked Bucks team highly recommends bringing your own camera, or at least your smartphone, because these are the sorts of sights that you’ll want to look back on in years to come.

3.    The company is unmatched

When it comes to organising a buck’s party, the biggest drawcard is usually the quality time spent with your mates. As you get older, life gets busier and it’s not always as easy to round everyone up for some bonding time in the same place, at the same time. More often than not, buck’s parties are one of the last opportunities to do this before the lads start swapping your Sunday morning golf dates for brunch with the in-laws.

That’s where your buck’s party cruise comes in. With no distractions and plenty of fun in-store, you’re in for a day of serious quality time with each other. Start pumping the tunes and crack open an ice-cold beer, because it doesn’t get much better than this.

The company of your Wicked Bucks Angels are a super lovely extra touch too. These friendly, stunning and super chatty ladies are just as keen for a good time as you. They’ll be the ones cranking up the music and pouring you another drink, and they’ll look good while they’re doing it too.

4.    Expect seriously luxurious comfort

This is no ordinary boat. You can forget about the tinny that you and the boys take out on fishing trips, because your Perth Bucks party cruise is next level comfortable. We’re talking about a fully kitted out boat, with all the on-board amenities you need for a seriously good trip. You can expect a state-of-the-art sound system, fridges to keep your beverages cold and an inviting lounge to sink into.

For the seasickness suffered by the group, Wicked Bucks has you covered too. In contrast to the rollers and storms of the Indian Ocean, the Swan River is lovely and flat. The waters are so calm, they often look like a mirror. Even the weakest of stomachs should be able to manage out here.

5.    Hold onto the memories forever

Your buck’s cruise in Perth is honestly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With the sun in. your eyes and the salt spray on your face, you’re bound to leave with plenty of stories to retell at the pub later that night. This is one of those bucks weekend trips to Perth that you’re guaranteed to still be looking back on in years to come.

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Party Bus Hire Perth

The coolest party buses in Perth!
Enjoy the ride with brand new party buses!

Have a special group event coming up? Hire a stunning party bus with a fun-loving chauffeur from Party Bus Hire Perth for your next group outing. Our new fleet of custom-built party buses are guaranteed to start your celebrations off on the right foot. Along with bigger buses, our mini bus charter Perth is quite famous in Perth as a lot of companies don’t have an option to choose mini bus hire.

Superior sound system, spectacular LED, laser and strobe lights, huge dance floor with dance poles, TV screens, dark tinted windows’ your party bus will look and feel like a club. A private, moving club for you and all your mates, getting you to wherever you want to go safely while you party and socialise.

The Swan Valley is a popular destination for groups to go on a wine tour. Pub crawls are right up there with winery tours. For obvious reasons. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t waste money on expensive taxis or limos. Charter a party bus for you and your group of friends and you’ll likely be surprised at how little you need to spend per head. Our prices are the lowest in Perth!

Party Bus Hire Perth has different party buses to suit the size of your group. From minibuses to a 20-seater, 30-seater and 45-seater party bus. We can accommodate groups of 100 or 200 people by combining different buses.

With Party Bus Hire Perth, travelling to your venue can be just as fun as the destination itself!

Call Party Bus Hire
0450 364 654 From overseas: +61 450 364 654

Party Bus Hire

We know we’re not the only party bus company in Perth. But we do believe we’re the best. Offering you the newest buses, best customer service and lowest prices in Perth.

  •  Youngest fleet of stunning, custom-built party buses in Perth!
  •  Lowest prices for party bus hire in Perth – we beat any price!
  •  Best customer service taking your experience to the next level!

Call Party Bus Hire
0450 364 654 From overseas: +61 450 364 654

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Perth Bucks Party Inspo

Being dubbed as Best Man for your best mate’s bucks party comes with a huge responsibility of ensuring his final fight for freedom is a winning one. Luckily you have made the right choice to reach out for some professional help and who better than your very one professional party planner from Wicked Bucks? Wicked Bucks Parties we organise everything your bachelors party needs. Each package is customisable to suit your budget but ensures to include non stop fun!

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Perth Wedding Dance Lessons

The first dance as husband and wife is one of the most memorable moments on your wedding night but also can be the most daunting. To ensure this moment is enjoyed by not only you and your partner but also your guests Wedding ‘n’ Bridal Dance Lessons Perth can create a wedding dance that looks effective in you photos, videos and most importantly for your family and friends. 

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