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Itís been said that you donít get to choose who or what you love. Love chooses you. As an award-winning photographer who vowed Iíd never do weddings Ė thatís certainly been the case for me.

I fell in love (against my will) with wedding photography within 5 minutes of shooting my first wedding. The fast pace excited me. I loved the thrill of thinking on my feet. Truth be told, at each wedding I shoot I feel the same rush of excitement I felt as that 12 year old girl holding her SLR for the very first time.

My journey into professional photography is much the same as my journey into wedding photography. Unexpected. But meant to be. Perhaps your own love (or life) story is a bit the same. Lifeís funny like that.

Hereís what my delighted (still happily married) clients have to say...

ďIt was important to us that our photographer not only be creative but also unobtrusive and easy to work with. Ngarie ticked all the boxes. Ngarie managed to catch the joy and the love that we feel for each other, in every single photo. Our album is beautiful and everyone that has seen it has commented on how stunning the photos are.Ē

ďNgarie was totally awesome throughout everything despite the few wee challenges on our end such as minimal meeting time, a shortened amount of prep time due to a muck up of the wedding day dates, a huge amount of people in our wedding party and a very small amount of time to capture the photos after the ceremony before the sun set! Despite all of this Ngarie delivered beyond what we could have ever imagined.Ē

ďNgarie captured the day and night perfectly and brought the love, laughter and light of our Wedding with an incredible array of photography that we truly treasure. We are so grateful Ngarie was there to capture our most special and important day! We are forever grateful.

When Iím not taking photos of happy people on their wedding day, Iím usually found taking photos of their families.

I believe lifeís too short for drama. Lucky for me, I tend to attract down-to-earth, happy-in-love people. So if thatís you, give me a call.

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